How can i register with tubex Bulk SMS?

  • 1. Login to
  • 2. Click on Register
  • 3. Fill the form with your valid email
  • 4. There will be a link sent to your account for validation
  • 5. Login to your email that was use in the registration then you will see a mail in your inbox or in the spam then click the mail and it will direct you to your account.
  • 6. Just put your valid phone number and that’s all’. You can now start sending your SMS



What is the need for using Email and phone number during registration?

Email is use just to validate that you are the owner of the account. If in case you want to reset your password, you can only do that when a link is sent to you via your email.

Phone number is used just for the purpose of getting update from the site. For example if we are running a promo an SMS will always be sent to all members and if you didn’t put your valid GSM number you will not be informed. Also, you can only received alert from your phone when you make payment to us either on banking, transfer, online payment. Etc

There are no hidden charges on this.


Credit Exhausted

This is because your SMS units in your account are lower than the messages you are about sending. Reduces the numbers or if the pages of the messages or you load more SMS.



How to Register

1. Click on Register  


2. Fill the form  with valid email   

Please remember to use a valid email, fill the captcha at the "Type the text" lastly click REGISTER. You will see the message below on the screen.

3. Go to the email you used and click the activation link. Please check your inbox or spam you will see the message link from TUBEX SMS.


4. You will be returned back to the site. Please login with your username and password. 

5. Click on compose SMS and insert your phone number and click on save or update. Your account is set and ready for use. Thanks


How to buy SMS online using Voguepay

1. Click on voguePay or Click on Buy SMS Online. Please note that you must login to the site before you can use the online payment module.  



2. Click on VoguePay, then insert the amount you want to purchase and proceed to make payment using your ATM card.